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  • Print PDF's directly to iTunes

    To print a PDF to iTunes for syncing with your iPad or iPhone first you need to make a shortcut. Goto Applications and find iTunes, right click or control click on the iTune icon and choose Make Alias.
    Next drag your newly created alias to the ~/username/Library/PDF Services or /Library/PDF Services to make it appear for all users.
    Once that is done rename the shortcut to Save to iTunes or whatever you want to name it that is meaningful to you.
    Now Open any program and choose the Print dialog. Click on PDF and choose whatever you named your alias you placed in the PDF Services folder. Give the PDF document a name.
    Finally open iTunes and click on books and you should find your document in the list. Sync your iPad and iPhone and the documents should appear on your devices.

  • Find when a file is located in OS X

    In finder you can choose to always display the path at the bottom of the Finder Window. Choose View and Select Show Path Bar. Now you will always see a path bar at the bottom of the screen.

    If you do not want to display that or you want to know where a document is stored in an application. Command Click on the Title Bar name at the top of the Window and the drop down should show you a list of the folders your document is located in.

  • Print files from any phone or remote computer to your home printer via DropBox

    Create a folder in Dropbox (mine’s called “Printing”), and within that folder make two more folders: “todo” and “completed.” Then, fire up Automator. In 10.6, a box pops up asking you what type of template you want to use for your workflow. Choose “Folder Actions.”

    At the top of the workflow, where it says “Folder Action receives files and folders added to…” choose the “todo” folder you created in your Dropbox. Then, in Automator’s search box, type “print” and you’ll see an item called “Print Finder Items.” Drag that into your workflow and select your printer (I left mine as default). Go back to Automator’s search box and type “move”. You’ll see an item called “Move Finder items.” Add it to your workflow and choose the “completed” folder you created at the beginning. Choose “Save as…” and give your workflow a name.

    That’s it! Anything you drop in the “todo” folder (Ed. note: Which you can do from any phone or computer with Dropbox installed and connected to your home computer) will now automatically open its respective app, print it and file it for you.

    If you’d prefer that your workflow just delete the files once they’ve printed, you can use the “Move Finder Items to Trash” in place of the “Move Finder Items” at the end of your workflow, too. Note that if you do this, you don’t need a “todo” and “completed” folder; you can just apply the folder action to your “Printing” folder.

    This was originally posted by Aaron Ladage over at Lifehacker

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